3 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Gold Collection

If you’re opting to invest in precious metals — instead of real estate and stocks — that’s a smart decision. After all, things like gold and silver are always going to be valuable, no matter what the economy does.

But before you get too comfortable with your gold collection, ask yourself these 3 questions. The answers will tell you if you’ve got the best collection possible.

1. “Do I have a mixture of gold bars and coins?”

As impressive as a bar can look, a gold coin collection is actually the wiser investment.


Because it’s easier to sell. If you ever need to get rid of your gold collection, you’re going to have far more interested buyers if you’ve got coins — simply because coins are so much more affordable than bars.
Plus, a gold coin collection will attract buyers for a variety of reasons. Many people who buy up coin collections aren’t doing it to have a ton of precious metals on hand. Instead, they appreciate the artistic value of the coin, or they appreciate the historical story behind it. Either way, these people aren’t going to show up when you’re selling off a gold bar!

One more important thing to remember — you can’t cut up a bar. If you ever need to sell off just part of your collection, you’re going to be out of luck if you’ve only got bars on hand. You’ll have to sell the entire bar or none of it.

2. “Am I investing only in gold?”
If so, that’s not the best idea. Remember, there are tons of other precious metals besides gold. The more of them you can take advantage of, the more well-rounded your portfolio will be — and that’s always a good thing!

And, remember, a gold coin isn’t the only type that collectors love. Things like American Silver Eagles can actually have a better story behind them. Plus, American Silver Eagles are going to cost significantly less than gold coins, so you’ll have an easier time selling them if you ever need to.

3. “Where does my gold come from?”

It’s not good enough to find the best gold dealer. You also need to make sure that yours comes from certain countries — like the U.S., Mexico, Australia, and Canada. That’s because the gold from these countries is even more valuable than what comes from other places.

Bottom line — gold that’s backed by any government is going to be valued higher. However, buying it from the right country can help you get the most bang for your buck!

The team at Golden Eagle Coins can help you make the most out of gold — or any other precious metals!

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