Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Looking for a ring that brings back the look and feel of days long past? Something unique, but also affordable? Then you should try a cushion cut cubic zirconia ring.

The cushion cut is a cross between the minor cut (an antique cut popular in the late 19th through the early 20th century) and the modern oval cut. And until recently was so difficult to find, that you had to go to estate sales and auctions. Lucky for us, it has had resurgence in popularity. The cushion cut itself is both romantic and classic but less fiery than modern cuts. Designed during a time before electricity it is also known as a candlelit diamond because it is meant to pick up the light given off by candles.

The cushion cut makes a beautiful large ring since it is suited for a cubic zirconia loose stone over one carat. Whether you choose the cut for a solitaire or as accent stones it will draw attention with its unique beauty. There are two styles of cushion cut chunky and crushed iced. A chunky cushion cut is the more antique looking of the two with a clear cut facet pattern, completely symmetrical in it’s sparkle and bling. Like the name suggest a crushed ice cut looks like broken glass or crushed ice when looking down at the ring, with no real facet pattern. This style has been described as a disorganized space of sparkle.

The other great thing about the cushion cut is that it is gorgeous in cubic zirconia. The nice thing about cubic zirconia is the fact that it is colorless. We all want the highest rated diamond, the sparkle on our finger in sunlight and candlelight is amazing. Cubic zirconia can give us that with its colorless quality, it gives the impression of a high priced diamond, with a slightly different price tag. Plus cubic zirconia can be cut ways that diamonds cannot.

Cubic zirconia exhibits more fire than diamonds. For the cushion cut this means more sparkle, no matter what style of cushion cut you get. Plus the cushion cut looks better in a flawless diamond, which is difficult to find and pricey. Cubic zirconia naturally look like flawless diamonds with their clear color and lack of imperfections. In the end this means affordable brilliance on your finger.


Guest post provided by Chic Jewelry, seller of the 3 stone cubic zirconia ring. Visit their website for more infomration.

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