3 Things That Affect Your Coin Value

If you’re collecting gold coins for investment purposes, you need to make sure that the value of your collection is as high as it can be. That means you’ll have to pay close attention to these 3 things:

1. Where your gold coins came from

Even novice coin collectors know that gold coins that are backed by governments are worth more than any other kind of coin. But did you know that the country your gold coins come from plays a huge role in how much they’re worth?

If you want your collection to have the very highest coin value, you need to be on the lookout for gold coins that come from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, South Africa, Australia, and China. In some cases, these coins are made from the purest gold on earth. In other cases, these coins are more valuable because they have interesting artwork on them. Whatever the case, you can count on these countries to give you more bang for your buck.

2. Whether or not your collection is part of a coin proof set

If you can get your hands on a coin proof set, the value of your collection will go through the roof! That’s because proof coins are made a little bit differently than the coins you use every day. Proof coins are made with just as much high-quality precious metals as their circulated counterparts. The difference lies in how these coins are minted.

A proof coin set is made with special dies — meaning that its background will be a little shinier and its high points will be a little more frosted than the average coin. Plus, proof coins are struck twice — meaning they have finer details than traditional coins. As a result, they’re more of an artistic showpiece — meaning they’re worth a whole lot more!

3. Your coin dealer

Ultimately, the value of your collection will rest on the shoulders of your coin dealer. After all, you’re counting on your dealer to provide you with the best possible options and give you advice on which coins are the best to buy. If you’re coin dealer isn’t an expert — or if he doesn’t have access to rarer coins — your entire portfolio will suffer!

You’ll also need to rely on your coin dealer if you ever decide to sell your collection later. Your dealer can clear up any authenticity questions that might affect your transaction. If your dealer isn’t reputable, people might think twice about buying your coins — meaning you basically have no coin value at all!

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