4 Things Good Coin Dealers Give You

Whether you’re interested in gold bullion or rare silver, you have to be careful when you choose a coin dealer. If you want to make the best choice, look for coin dealers that offer these 4 things:

1. A big selection

Good coin dealers have plenty of inventory. In fact, the good dealers will have a bigger inventory than the not-so-good ones, because they get stuff from the Mint that other dealers can’t get.

If you’re dealing with a good coin dealer, expect to see plenty of gold bullion coins and a large silver collection. But don’t stop there. You should also be able to find other precious metals — like platinum and palladium.

2. Plenty of rare coins

It’s one thing to have a huge silver dollar collection; it’s another to have rare gems inside that collection! Good coin dealers will be able to offer you things that you can’t find anywhere else.

In fact, if you’re trying to see if a dealer is worth his salt, ask him about his Morgan silver dollar collection. Morgan Dollars are rare U.S. coins that were minted for a limited time, and some of them were never circulated. If he doesn’t have any to sell you — or doesn’t even know what you’re talking about — you’re not dealing with the very best!

3. Honest service

No matter what, good coin dealers are honest. After all, this is your investment portfolio we’re talking about! If you can’t count on your coin dealer to be a “straight shooter”, you’re working with the wrong one.

Remember, part of a dealer’s job is to assess coin value. If you can’t count on him to be honest with you, you might wind up with a collection that’s not nearly as valuable as you think.

4. A healthy business

The dishonest coin dealers are simply out to make a quick buck — which means they probably won’t be in business for very long. Even if you wind up getting a collection with a great coin value from them, it can be a real problem if they go out of business. After all, what if you need to sell off part of your collection? What if you need to have your coin value assessed for insurance purposes? If your dealer isn’t around, you may be out of luck.

On the other hand, the good coin dealers have been in business for awhile — and they plan to stay that way. They don’t operate “fly-by-night” operations, so you’ll be able to count on them whenever you need a question answered or a problem solved.

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