Trendy Purses – What Do You Need to Look Your Best?

If you’re a true fashionista, then you know you can’t head out the door without digging through your collection of trendy purses. After all, great outfits are defined by their details!
So, if you want to look your best, you need to have these 3 types of trendy purses on hand:

1. Clutch purses
If you’re all decked out in that fabulous new cocktail dress, the last thing you need is a purse on your shoulder to – literally – drag down your entire outfit! Instead, give your ensemble a pick-me-up with clutch purses!
They’re built to carry only the essentials (like your driver’s license, cell phone, some cash, car keys and some lip gloss), but, hey you can make do for just one night, right?
And best of all, since clutch purses are so small, you can get away with carrying one that’s bolder and brighter than their bigger counterparts. For example, you wouldn’t dare carry a big giant purse that had rhinestones, sequins, or glitter all over it, but when they’re covering a teeny-tiny clutch purse, they look fabulous!

2. Fashion tote bags
Sometimes, you can’t squeeze everything you need to in a tiny clutch purse. Sometimes, the situation calls for something bigger – like fashion tote bags!
As long as you’re not headed to a formal event, fashion tote bags are totally appropriate. And, they’re versatile enough to go with anything from shorts, to skinny jeans, to a strapless sundress.
Best of all, though, fashion tote bags are big enough to fit everything you need inside them – from your wallet, to your cell phone, to a hairbrush, to an extra pair of shoes! That way, whether you’re headed to the beach, headed to a ballgame, or headed to an evening barbecue, you’ll have everything you could possibly ever want, right over your shoulder!

3. Unique handbags
In some cases, trendy purses are so off-the-wall that you can’t fit them into a single category. That’s why every gal needs her own collection of unique handbags!
These bags are the conversation starters – you know, the purse that’s got Betty Boop’s face on it, or the one that’s shaped like a duck. You can’t carry the same unique handbags all the time (and they certainly aren’t appropriate for every situation!), but when the time is right, you’ll definitely know it!
Just one tip – when you dive into your collection of unique handbags, be sure to tone down the rest of your outfit. After all, you want people talking TO you, not ABOUT you!

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