How to choose a great handbag?

These days carrying a handbag is a fashion statement. Women don’t leave the home without it. It holds almost everything she needs within the day and therefore, a necessity. Handbags come in many shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and even crystal handbags. So, practically there is a bag that fits every occasion.

There are many types of handbags including swarovski purse to choose from. First let’s get some terminology cleaned up. Tote is an open top bag with straps or handles. Hobo bag is a crescent shaped soft and slouchy shoulder bag. Duffle refers to a shoulder bag that is tall with wider opening on top. Utility type bags are called field bags. A small, handheld, tucked under your arm is called a clutch and they are good evening bags. Crossbody bag is a smaller bag worn across your body at an angle.

Satchel is a large, handheld bag. Baguette is a long and rounded shoulder bag similar the name sake bread. Cigar box is a small, boxy, and hard bag. Messenger is a large, soft shoulder bag with long straps. Pouch is anything small and soft. Kelly bag is a classic Hermes style bag that is named after Grace Kelly and has a distinctive hardware closure. Go online to to see a wide range of hand bags available for your use.

Pick a hand bag right for your body type. A handbag should be in proportion to your body. Some suggest that if you are a tall person to pick a rounded hand bag to add curves to your body. If you are a short person choose a tall and rectangular bag to enhance your body type. Petite should carry a large rectangular clutch bag made of soft leather or a handbag made of fabric. Take look at judith leiber handbags including evening bags offered by All Things Trendy.

The size of the bag should be in proportion your to your body. A tall woman that wore size 14 should not carry a small bag. Similarly a petite size 0 will look odd carrying a large slouchy bag. Carry a bag that hits the mid-torso of your body. Visit to find a hand bag for you and they offer crystal handbags.

How you can choose a handbag for everyday use? Remember what you want put in it. If you carry one or two things with you most of the time, use a purse such as swarovski purse for it. But if you carry files and lots of other things with you, buy a hand bag that carries your belongings. But pay attention to what we discussed above.

Don’t carry a large handbag to do your grocery shopping. You will be carrying lots of grocery bags. Look at the collection including judith leiber handbags offered by All Things Trendy.

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