4 Can’t-Miss Trendy Gift Ideas

Whether your friend is into handbags or jewelry, you can’t go wrong with these gift suggestions!

Got a trendy friend who’s tough to shop for? You can’t go wrong by surprising her with one of these gifts:

1. Judith Leiber handbags
If your BFF is celebrating a big event – like her college graduation, her 30th birthday, or some other major milestone – it calls for a present that’s just as major. If her fashion sense is just as keen as yours, she’ll fall in love with Judith Leiber handbags.
Cute, little, and sparkly, Judith Leiber handbags aren’t designed to be carried around day in and day out. Instead, these bags are only supposed to get pulled out for the biggest of events. When they are, they’re a big-time conversation starter! After all, how many other handbags have you seen that are shaped like cupcakes, owls, honeycombs, and even the New York skyline?!

2. A rhinestone purse
If your friend loves to sparkle – but you don’t exactly have a Judith Leiber-sized budget – that’s OK. You can get her something just as pretty and sparkly by looking for the perfect rhinestone purse. That way, she’ll have something classy and elegant to carry to cocktail parties, out on dates, and to any other fancy occasion.
Sure, the average rhinestone purse doesn’t have the same name recognition that one of Judith Leiber’s purses does. However, if you shop at the right store, you can wind up with a purse that’s just as sparkly as your friend’s personality!

3. Discount designer handbags
Would you rather give your friend a gift she can carry everywhere?
That’s where discount designer handbags come in! In fact, if you find the right retailer, you can find a discount designer handbag collection that’s worth its weight in gold!
The best thing about discount designer handbags is that you can feel free to be rough and tough with them. Whether it’s shoving all of your makeup into them, trying to cram all of the necessities for your business meeting into them, or simply carrying them everywhere from the beach, to a barbecue, to a ballgame, discount designer handbags can take it.
And, amazingly, they look just as classy and elegant as their more expensive, big-name counterparts! You just don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg on them.

4. A crystal cuff bracelet
If your friend’s purse collection already rivals that of an A-list celebrity’s, why not get her an accessory that’s totally different – like a crystal cuff bracelet?
These bracelets come in practically any color you can imagine, and they’re made with Swarovski crystals, so they’ll make for an extra-special present. Plus, a crystal cuff bracelet will look great with anything – from a cocktail dress to jeans.

The team at All Things Trendy offers just that – all of the trendy accessories you could ever need!

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