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How do you choose the right handbag?

How many times have you given into temptation and bought a dress or a pair of shoes because it looked good on the display shelf only to find out that it does not match the outfit you intended and you want to return it, but forget all about it and it ends up for years […]

Crystal jewelry makes great gifts

Jewelry has been a preferred choice of gift for centuries and the trend still continues. It is indeed rare to find a woman who will not be thrilled to receive jewelry as gifts. It makes an ideal gift to be given to your girlfriend or wife especially if it involves a diamond. But the cost […]

How to choose a great handbag?

These days carrying a handbag is a fashion statement. Women don’t leave the home without it. It holds almost everything she needs within the day and therefore, a necessity. Handbags come in many shapes, sizes, colors, patterns and even crystal handbags. So, practically there is a bag that fits every occasion. There are many types […]

Why buy crystal jewelry?

Crystal jewelry is made from natural quartz stones and they are becoming the choice of jewelry among all classes of jewelry. Ever since Austrian native Daniel Swarovski of the now famous Swarovski Jewelry family invented a machine to cut crystal in 1892, the use of crystals to make jewelry has become more popular. Today many […]

Swarovski Crystal Accessories – How to Add Some Sparkle to Your Look

If you think that Swarovski crystal accessories have to big and bold, think again. If you use smaller accessories, you can add some sparkle to your look, without worrying about “bling” taking over your entire appearance. If you want to use Swarovski crystals to add some glam to your appearance, opt for these 2 accessories: […]

Trendy Purses – What Do You Need to Look Your Best?

If you’re a true fashionista, then you know you can’t head out the door without digging through your collection of trendy purses. After all, great outfits are defined by their details! So, if you want to look your best, you need to have these 3 types of trendy purses on hand: 1. Clutch purses If […]

Which As Seen on TV Products Make Great Gifts?

Whether it’s Christmastime, your best friend’s birthday, or you’re looking for a unique anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with As Seen on TV products. They’re affordable, they’re well-made, and best of all, they’re fun to use! No matter how tough your gift recipient is to shop for, you can’t go wrong with one of […]

4 Can’t-Miss Trendy Gift Ideas

Whether your friend is into handbags or jewelry, you can’t go wrong with these gift suggestions! Got a trendy friend who’s tough to shop for? You can’t go wrong by surprising her with one of these gifts: 1. Judith Leiber handbags If your BFF is celebrating a big event – like her college graduation, her […]

3 Sparkly Accessories You’ve Got to Have

True fashionistas are up on all of the latest trends and always look great – but don’t have to spend a fortune to do it. If you’re one of them, you’ll make sure to always have these 3 sparkly accessories on hand: 1. A sequins evening bag Let’s face it – you want to walk […]

3 Crystal Gifts That Any Recipient is Sure to Love

Have a friend who’s tough to shop for? Get her one of these crystal gifts! We all have that one friend who is incredibly difficult to shop for. You know how it goes — she seems to have it all, and she never comes out and actually tells you what she wants! So, what do […]