How do you choose the right handbag?

How many times have you given into temptation and bought a dress or a pair of shoes because it looked good on the display shelf only to find out that it does not match the outfit you intended and you want to return it, but forget all about it and it ends up for years without ever being used. Same goes out for handbags as well. Here are some tips on selecting handbags which you will make use of instead of being a waste of money.

Evening wear:

You will want evening bags to have something that will stand out rather than a normal bag. If you are wearing an elegant black evening dress the ideal accessory for it would be a beaded clutch purse which can give the outfit an air of sophistication. If your dress has gold or silver detailing the detailing in the beaded clutch purse should complement those in the dress.

A crystal evening bag is sure to dazzle and attract plenty of attention. You should not carry this bag with a dress with a lot of detailing; it will look best with a dress with a plain design and enhance the dress.


If you are going out for the day with friends to watch a movie and to do some shopping a denim rhinestone purse with cowboy boots will give you a casual country look.

Daily use

A bag you want to use on a daily basis should match any outfit of any color. A neutral colored leather handbag from will not only match any outfit it will also feel luxurious and with proper care will look new with less wear and tear meaning the higher price paid can be justified by the long years it can be put into good use. Luxury leather evening bags are a good investment as they will give a sophisticated and refined look to your image. The Anthony David leather bags with special discounts should be a must buy for any fashion conscious woman.

Another area of emphasis when selecting handbags should be your body shape. If you are a petite person go for bags that are small and never carry large handbags as they will make you look even shorter. If you are a thin and tall person the bag that best suites you would be a large handbag.

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