4 Accessories Where You Can Make Your Personality Shine Through

These accessories may be little, but they can make a big fashion statement!

You don’t have to spend a fortune — or have a closet with its own zip code — on order to make the biggest fashion statement. Instead, just invest in these 4 accessories:

1. Crystal hair jewelry
If you’re going to make a fashion statement, why not start right at the top?! Crystal hair jewelry can make your tresses sparkle — and make everyone pay some extra attention to those highlights you just paid a fortune for!
Plus, crystal hair jewelry is a great way to dress up any outfit. Whether you’re trying to make those skinny jeans look a little more elegant for a first date, or you want that little black dress to have a little more “pop”, putting some crystal accent pieces in your hair is a fantastic way to do it!

2. Crystal bangle bracelets
Why let your hair have all the fun?!
If you want to show off a little “bling” — but don’t exactly have a bling-sized budget — you can get the same sparkly effect by wearing crystal bangle bracelets. Because they come in all kinds of colors, you can go conservative with traditional silver, or you can mix things up with a rainbow of bracelets!
The best part about crystal bangle bracelets is that they instantly turn a casual outfit into a fancy one. So, if your boyfriend has planned a mystery date — and you don’t know exactly what the dress code is — these will make the perfect accessory!

3. Wallets
Who says you have to have just one wallet? If you find a retailer with a good (and affordable!) selection, you can have walletsfor every occasion.
The best wallets will come with little accent pieces that show off your personality — without going overboard. For example, a small metal embellishment can make a big fashion statement when you whip out your wallet to take care of the check.

4. Coin purses
On those nights when you’ve got a teeny-tiny purse — and, thus, don’t have room for a full-size wallet — you can make just as big of a fashion statement with the right coin purse. In fact, because of their unique shape, coin purses< can be even more creative! Imagine the looks on your friends' faces when you pull out a coin purse designed like a cat's face or covered in turquoise crocodile skin. No matter what your taste is, the right coin purses can match it AND fit in a pint-sized purse. Talk about doing double-duty! You can make the biggest fashion statement by visiting All Things Trendy!

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