Swarovski Crystal Accessories – How to Add Some Sparkle to Your Look

If you think that Swarovski crystal accessories have to big and bold, think again. If you use smaller accessories, you can add some sparkle to your look, without worrying about “bling” taking over your entire appearance.
If you want to use Swarovski crystals to add some glam to your appearance, opt for these 2 accessories:

1. Swarovski crystal hair pins
If you’re headed out to a formal event – like the Prom, a fancy holiday party, or a wedding – and you want to go all-out with your hair, why not accentuate your up-do with Swarovski crystal hair pins? After all, you’ll need a bunch of hair pins to keep everything in place anyways, so why not add some style to all of that function? (Let’s face it – bobby pins are boring! You can totally jazz up your look by using crystal hair pins instead. They’re just as sturdy, but they look a million times better!)
A great up-do will naturally frame your face as it is. Now, thanks to your crystal hair pins, you can add some shimmer to all of that framing!

2. Swarovski hair clips
If you want to give your hair a makeover – but you don’t want anything as formal-looking as a professional up-do – get some Swarovski hair clips. Unlike pins, hair clips are perfect for creating a more natural, “I was hardly trying” look. But thanks to the crystals on them, Swarovski hair clips will make a dramatic impression!
Luckily, Swarovski hair clips are totally versatile. You can use them to pull half of your hair back. You can use them to pull your bangs off to the side. Or, you can use them to pull a few wisps of hair back. You can even stick a few of them randomly in your hair and leave it down to give off just a little bit of sparkle. No matter what you decide to do with them, your hair will instantly look brighter and more glamorous!
You can even use these hair clips to create other accessories. For example, clip a couple onto a handkerchief. Just like that, you’ve created an awesome new headband!
And, best of all, you don’t have to be a professional hairdresser to come up with these looks. Because Swarovski crystal accessories look so great on their own, you can’t go wrong! No matter how you use them in your hair, you can rest easy knowing they’re going to look great.

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