Precious Metals – 3 Things Your Collection Should Include

Precious metals are a great thing to invest in because they aren’t affected by what happens on Wall Street or what goes on in Congress. Instead, precious metals will always have value – and that value has been steadily climbing for years.

If you’re planning on starting a precious metals collection for investment purposes, you would be wise to include these 3 things in it. They will help give you more bang for your buck!

1.A gold coin collection

Even if you don’t have the budget for a particularly large gold coin collection, it is still an important thing to have on hand. Even though the global economy is treading on very thin ice, the price of gold is skyrocketing. By having a gold coin collection, you have something that the upper-echelon of investors will want to buy – meaning that you can make some good money off of it if you ever need to sell it.

Even if you have enough money to make your entire portfolio a gold coin collection, don’t do it. Because the price of gold is so high, there are plenty of people who simply can’t afford to buy it if you have to sell it. Like any investment portfolio, diversity is a good thing.

2.Silver Eagles

Just like gold, the price of silver keeps going up. However, unlike gold, the price of silver isn’t so high that it prices lots of people right out of the market.

Silver Eagles actually offer the best of both worlds.

They are reasonably affordable, but they will still fetch you a good amount of money if you need to sell them. And, as an added benefit, Silver Eagles are fully-backed by the U.S. government – which makes them even more valuable!

3.Silver bars

While coins tend to sell better because they are so popular with collectors, don’t discount the value of having silver bars as a part of your precious metals investment portfolio. Even if you can afford gold bars, silver bars – like the coins – are more affordable, and, thus, offer a bigger pool of buyers.

Plus, silver bars come with an advantage that gold bars don’t. They are used in manufacturing. In fact, silver bars are in high demand in the industrial world because they are used in so many different facets of manufacturing. So, as soon as you buy them, you have a sea of potential buyers!

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