Must-Have Fall Accessories: Handmade Artisan Jewelry

Fall 2011 is here, which means it is time to bring out the season’s hottest accessories, such as boots, sweaters, tights and warm, fluffy jackets. In addition to these vital cold-weather accessories, fall calls for a new set of stylish jewelry pieces with the power to add sparkle and shine to your winter ensembles. This season, put away summer jewelry styles and embrace the latest fall jewelry trend —handcrafted artisan jewelry.

Handcrafted artisan jewelry is making headlines this season as consumers seek original, handmade jewelry — including necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets– usually only available to a small local market. Both women and men are sporting jewelry made by talented artists in other parts of the world, including Nicaragua, Chile, and Tibet.

So what are the latest trends in handcrafted jewelry this season? When it comes to necklaces, fall 2011 styles include beaded handmade necklaces, bib necklaces, charms, chokers and crystal necklaces. Bracelets this season are available in numerous styles, including bangles, beaded, cuffs, and wooden bracelets. Complete your winter outfit with a new ring. Look for handmade beaded rings, silver rings and wooden rings.

Although most people love wearing artisan handcrafted jewelry because it is stylish and unique, a growing number of women and men appreciate the opportunity to support artists, suppliers, and artisan organizations from the around the world who desperately need a reliable source of income. For example, the online jewelry retailer Jewellog has created partnerships with suppliers who belong to various groups, including the World Fair Trade Organization, Fair Trade Federation, Green America, 1% for the Planet and Aid to Artisans. By purchasing handmade jewelry rings from suppliers and artists who belong to these organizations, you can not only wear original jewelry that otherwise remains limited to a small market, but also help support a good cause.

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