Looking for the Perfect Bag? Ask Yourself These Questions

Picking out the perfect outfit can be difficult when you have a ton of handbags to choose from.  Do you go with small and flirty, or big and durable?

Luckily, by asking yourself these 3 questions, you can narrow down the choices and grab the perfect purse:

1. “Do I want to make a statement?”

If you want your ensemble to be a conversation piece — without looking TOO over-the-top — opt for a <strong>rhinestone purse</strong>.  That way, you can show off a little glitz and glam without feeling like you’re a walking disco ball.

If you really want to make a statement, Judith Leiber handbags can help you do it.  These aren’t just purses with rhinestones on them.  Instead, they’re finely-crafted with crystals to make you look like a shimmering fashionista.  Plus, <strong>Judith Leiber handbags</strong> are unique enough to fit in with any style.  With purses that look like everything from cupcakes, to elephants, to beehives, you’re guaranteed a full-fledged conversation starter!

Just remember — the average rhinestone purse is small, making it the perfect accent to a cocktail dress or equally-formal outfit.  If you have a ton of stuff you need to carry around, these bags won’t work for you.

2. “Do I want to dress up a casual outfit?”

As great as they are, a rhinestone purse is going to look ridiculous with your skinny jeans and tank top at that afternoon barbecue.  If you’re looking for a way to make your outfit look a little more elegant — without going overboard — opt for <a href=”http://www.allthingstrendy.com/catalog/leather-purses-handbags/”>fine  leather handbags</a>.  These bags exude class anytime of the day or night.

As an added benefit, fine leather handbags are strong enough to be carried around every day.  That way, you can get a couple of them in basic colors — and always look flawless!

3. “How much stuff do I need to lug around?”

Even though they’re durable, the last thing you want is to shove too much stuff into your fine leather handbags and damage them.  So, if you’ve got a ton of stuff to carry around, opt for <a href=”http://www.allthingstrendy.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=79″>fashion  tote bags</a>.

These bags are big enough to handle everything you need — but they’re so cute, you’ll never have to worry about anyone thinking you look like a bag lady!

Some fashion tote bags come with fun animal prints on them, while others are hand-painted to give you a completely unique look.  That way, it’s easy to find a look you love — whether you’re lugging around a bunch of school books or you’re headed to the beach!

No matter where you’re headed, the team at <a href=”http://www.allthingstrendy.com/”>All Things Trendy</a> can help you look great!  Check out their selection today!

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