Handmade Jewelry – 2 Types Youd Be Crazy to Pass Up

Handmade jewelry is absolutely beautiful. In fact, the good stuff is considered more of a work of art than just something to drape around your neck, wear around your finger, or have dangling from your earlobe!

While great handmade jewelry retailers will have a near-endless supply of beautiful pieces to choose from, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of these two pieces:

1. An Om ring

Handmade jewelry rings all have some kind of significance, but none more so than an Om ring. With its shiny sterling silver and its intricate carvings, an Om ring is a very spiritual piece of jewelry. An Om ring is used to signify Om Mani Padme Hum – the Tibetan prayer for ultimate wisdom and compassion. According to Buddhist beliefs, you can derive the same benefits from wearing an Om ring as saying the actual prayer! That’s because these rings are considered to be much more than handmade jewelry; they’re considered to be tiny prayer wheels.

Word has it that you can even strengthen the ring’s spiritual power by spinning it around on your finger, as many believe that it’s the best way to keep the prayer “circling” around you. How many handmade jewelry rings can offer that?!

There are even different messages you can share with an Om ring, just based on which finger you wear it on! For example, many people believe you’re sending out a totally different vibe by wearing it on your index finger – a finger than generally symbolizes leadership, ambition, and authority.

2. A Karma necklace

It’s a very simple message – “what goes around, comes around”. However, karma is something that millions of people have believed in for centuries. According to Oriental philosophy, everything you do (both good and bad) affects future events. While the message may have originated in the Far East, it has definitely traveled west over the years!

That’s why a Karma necklace is such a popular piece of handmade jewelry. With its basic black suede chain and its sterling silver circle hand-carved with the phrase “what goes around, comes around”, a Karma necklace serves as a constant reminder for anyone who wears it – or even sees it!

It’s believed that wearing a Karma necklace doesmore than just serve as a reminder to be good, though. Many people also believe that it sends good energy into the world around you. That way, it’s easier to take advantage and project the good.

And, because of its classic design, a Karma necklace will never go out of style. You can feel free to wear it for as long as you want – with everything from your most casual jeans to your most formal cocktail dress.

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