Gold Coins vs. Gold Bullion – Which One is Better for Your Collection?

The value of gold keeps going up. In fact, it is the one thing that has consistently shown improvement during the economic struggles around the world. If you’re thinking of starting up a gold collection as an investment, you’re probably wondering which is better – gold coins or gold bullion.
The answer is not as easy as you might think, though.

Here’s how you can tell which one is right for you:
Gold bullion is what you think of when you think of the bank safe that’s full of gold bars. Typically, these bars are somewhat large – and very valuable. Depending on the size of your gold bullion bar, you can have something that’s worth thousands of dollars – if not more. And, the longer your gold bullion bars sit inside your safe, the more value they’re going to get, as long as the price of gold keeps going up. With just a few bars, you can wind up with a very profitable collection!
While they may not be as large or as imposing, gold coins have a great deal of value, too. In fact, many people argue that coin values are actually higher than bar values because coins are collectors’ items. After all, when’s the last time you heard of anybody with a gold bullion bar collecting hobby?

If you ever need to sell your coins, you’re going to sell them for the current gold price – just like you would with a bar. However, if you have a rare coin that a collector or a coin dealer desperately wants to add to his collection, you can very likely sell it for a much higher price than just the current going-rate for gold. With gold coins, there is a symbolic value that you just don’t get with bars. If you’re dealing with a wealthy collector, your coin values can wind up being higher than you could have ever imagined!

As an added benefit, gold coins are typically much easier to sell than gold bullion bars. That’s because you can sell a few coins at a time if you need to. Or, you can divide your coin collection among several different buyers. When you’re dealing with bars, you can’t break them apart; you’ll need a wealthy buyer that can purchase the entire thing. As a result, you’re going to wind up with a much smaller pool of potential buyers when you’re selling bars.

Bottom line – if you’re interested in gold, coins will probably give you much more bang for your buck than bars do. The key is to find a reputable coin dealer that can provide you with top-of-the-line merchandise.

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