Gold Coin Jewelry — What Makes It So Great?

No matter what kind of jewelry you buy, you know that you’re going to have to spend some money if you want quality stuff. And when you’re buying antique coin jewelry, the price goes up even more — since you’re getting a coin that’s hundreds or thousands of years old and likely scooped up from the bottom of the ocean or from the depths of some ancient civilization!

So, if you’re going to put all of that money and effort into your jewelry investment, you need to opt for gold coin jewelry over silver.

Here’s why:

1. You’ll have more options

Virtually every ancient society used some form of gold coins, so you’ll be able to have your pick of gold coin jewelry. Depending on which time period you’re a fan of, you can wind up with gold coin rings straight out of Ancient Rome or a gold coin necklace that came from a Spanish treasure.

2. There’s a better story behind gold

As beautiful as that silver coin necklace or bracelet may be, it probably doesn’t have the same amazing tale that the gold does. After all, gold was the choice of royalty. It’s what pirates went off in search of! By spending a little more on gold coin jewelry, you’ll wind up with a piece that’s got a more thrilling story behind it. You may not be able to put a price on the conversations your gold coin necklace starts, but it’s definitely a great way to get the most out of your investment!

3. Gold makes a stronger statement

If you want your jewelry to really “pop”, then you have to get gold. After all, gold coin jewelry has much more sparkle to it than silver does. Those gold coin rings will reflect the light much better than that silver coin necklace does. And, when you’re buying something as valuable as ancient coin jewelry, don’t you want it to make the strongest statement possible?!

4. You’ll know you’re getting the best of the best

Let’s face it — any kind of antique coin jewelry is a big investment. So, don’t you want to know that your money is going towards the very best? No matter what country you’re in, gold will always be more prestigious than silver.

That gold coin necklace you wear will always associate you with royalty. Those gold coin rings you have will always make people take notice.

As beautiful as a good piece of silver can be, there’s just something about gold!

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