Accessories With the Joy of Summer During the Winter

Breezy stylizations that underscore a sense of youthfulness and fun are most easily associated with the summertime. But if these same sensibilities are carried over to the fall and winter days that so closely follow the warm-season rapture, they can serve to add a good dollop of sunny brightness to the severe sartorial landscape that cold weather is known to bring out.

Now, there’s no reason to wear shorts when it’s hailing; simply select your accessories with a wise eye and put these over your practical, but classically chic, winter clothes. Something to consider: artwear jewelry. This type of jewelry is all-season favorite for many reasons, and something it does an excellent job of is conveying exuberance — a sentiment that truly represents the fun of summer. Try layering artwear pieces over your fall and winter wardrobe to introduce brightness and joy. It’ll be just the thing you need.

Think your favorite beaded handmade necklaces are knockouts only when dangling from a bare and warmly tanned neck? No, they can appear equally as remarkable with a dark- or light-hued turtleneck for a backdrop. Your beaded necklaces can do wonders for catching the little sunshine that filters through overcast days, and they will also make our outfit’s color scheme stand out. Style right, and both your individual fashion articles and you, yourself, will cause a sightly stir in any crowd. What’s more, beyond being completely gorgeous, artisan jewelry is very rightly praised for its sustainability practices in the scope of material election and piece execution. That sustainability can perform some heavy-duty symbolic functions for your voguish and with-itness aspirations. For starters, what better way to evoke the sea and open air scenery of summer than with a pair of sea-glass earrings?

Artisan jewelry is an example of wearable art. It’s bold, it’s dazzling, it’s unique, and it’s expressive. But these are only some of the reasons for artisan jewelry’s enduring popularity through a single year’s seasons and through the decades-long upheavals of modern style. Beautiful hand made jewelry will always be welcome in any sartorial canvass because it is an indelible part of our human history. Use it to your greatest advantage this coming fall and winter.

Sam Walters is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her writing appears in print and online.

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