4 As Seen on TV Products That Really Work

Ever laugh when you see a big-mouthed pitchman screaming about all of the benefits of the latest “miracle” product? If so, you’re definitely not alone! However, that doesn’t mean that all of the products that you see on TV are junk. In fact, some of them live up to their promises.

So, which products actually work, and which ones fall flat?
Here are 4 “as seen on TV” products that really do what they promise:

1.Bug Off Screen Door

One thing’s for sure. The products that you see advertised on TV are aptly-named, and the Bug Off Screen Door is no exception!
Designed to give you a way to keep bugs out and let fresh air in, the Bug Off Screen Door is almost like a curtain that attaches to any sliding, French, or traditional door. There’s a slit right in the middle so that you can easily push right through it. However, it’s tough enough to keep bugs away!

The Bug Off Screen Door comes in a variety of sizes – so that you can install one on practically any door or window. And, as an added benefit, you won’t need any tools to install it. If you ever need to remove your Bug Off Screen Door, you won’t have to worry about it leaving any marks or damage behind.

2.Car Scratch Remover

Whether you’ve got a tiny ding on your car door or a major scratch, who wants to drive around in a car that doesn’t look its best? The car scratch remover that you see on TV appears to get rid of scratches in seconds, but does it really work?


Instead of taking your car to an expensive body shop, this car scratch remover will get rid of all the dings and dents that make your car look old and worn.

3.Space Bags

If you’re like most people, you just don’t have enough storage space. That’s why Space Bags are so popular; they literally make your stuff smaller!

With Space Bags, you simply use your vacuum to remove excess air from the bags. As a result, it makes them smaller – meaning that you don’t need a ton of space to store your stuff.

4.Chia Pet

OK, so maybe the Chia Pet doesn’t solve a particular problem, but it’s a fun thing to have around. Whether you want to grow a Chia Pet Obama or a Chia Pet elephant, these products give you a fun, easy way to put your green thumb to use. They’re even easy enough for your kids to use!

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