4 As Seen on TV Products That Live up to the Hype

Some As Seen on TV products are nothing but hype. If you’re looking for products that live up to their sales pitches, you need:

1. The Grill Daddy

If you love barbecuing – but hate cleaning up the mess afterwards – then the Grill Daddy is for you. This As Seen on TV product uses a unique combination of special bristles and hot steam to make your barbecue grates look as good as new.

After all, the more char you leave behind on your grill grates, the worse your food is going to taste. You want the flavor of your steak or burgers to shine through – not be covered up by old charred remnants of other meals. Luckily, the Grill Daddy can make sure that all of your meals taste great!

2. The Chia Pet

Whether you live in a city high-rise or just can’t seem to keep your garden looking lush, the Chia Pet can help. It’s small enough to go anywhere – even in a tiny apartment. Plus, it’s easy enough to take care of that you don’t need a world-class green thumb to make it look great.
And, the Chia Pet comes in all kinds of different varieties – so you can have everything from a cute little pig to President Obama growing on your table!

3. Time Life Music

Whether you love Doo Wop from the 50’s, Motown from the 60’s, or Disco from the 70’s, Time Life Music is for you! These As Seen on TV products will instantly take you back in time, thanks to their awesome sound quality. Whether you’re throwing a theme party or just want to relive some of your younger days, Time Life Music is the perfect addition to any household.

And, unlike other music products, Time Life Music only includes songs from the original artists. They don’t try to trick you by selling you music from tribute bands called “The Original Artists”!

4. Kitchen gadgets

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or a cooking novice who wants to get better, the right As Seen on TV kitchen gadgets can help. In fact, As Seen on TV kitchen gadgets can help you do everything from cooking bacon, to grilling paninis, to slicing bagels, to pitting cherries, to keeping your bread fresh!
So, the next time you’re looking at expensive kitchen gadgets, just remember that there are plenty of As Seen on TV products that can do just as good of a job – for a fraction of the price!

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