3 Wholesale Accessories You Can’t Live Without

Quick… Think of your favorite fashionista…
Whether she’s into glam, chic, punk, or some other style, you can be sure that she’s thought of every detail.  If you think you can’t look as “put together” because you don’t have as much money as she does, think again.  You can look your best — and stay within your budget — just by stocking up on these wholesale accessories:

1. Wholesale sunglasses

Let’s face it — squinted eyes and crow’s feet are not a fashion statement you want to make!  If you want to protect your eyes from the sun’s powerful rays (and look great doing it), you need a great pair of sunglasses.
Luckily, <strong>wholesale sunglasses</strong> make it easy to look fabulous, without breaking your budget.  You can get several pairs for the price of one pair you’d buy at the mall!  Thanks to wholesale sunglasses, you’ll be able to have a pair for every day of the week if you want!

2. Wholesale jewelry

If you think that <a href=”http://www.apparelshowroom.com/category_s/47.htm”>jewelry  wholesalers</a> only sell stuff that looks fake and “costumey”, think again!  You can find great wholesale jewelry online that will look like it cost you a fortune.

And, as an added benefit, you’ll have a ton of variety to choose from.  That’s because a good retailer will have everything from wholesale necklaces, to earrings, to bracelets, to rings.  That way, you can dress up any outfit, without spending all of your hard-earned money!
Just think of how much more polished you could look if you had a collection of <a href=”http://www.apparelshowroom.com/category_s/122.htm”>wholesale  necklaces</a> or earrings on hand.  Instantly, that basic black business suit or that basic black cocktail dress will look a whole lot more glamorous!

Like other wholesale apparel, jewelry wholesalers sell their products in packages.  So, grab a group of girlfriends and start splurging!

3. Wholesale belts

Whether you’re trying to dress up a pair of basic blue jeans, trying to add some flair to a loose-fitting dress, trying to show off some curves underneath that loose-fitting button-down shirt, or simply trying to keep your pants up, a belt makes the perfect finishing touch to any outfit!

You can get <strong>wholesale belts</strong> for a few dollars — but they’ll look a whole lot pricier than that!  In fact, many of them come with the same rhinestones and embellishments that you see in department stores, but without the expensive department store price attached.  That way, you can afford to have a belt for any occasion — and any outfit — without listening to your wallet scream for mercy.

You’ll find all of these accessories — plus great clothes to go with them — at <a href=”http://www.apparelshowroom.com/”>www.apparelshowroom.com</a>!

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