3 Ways Wholesale Apparel Can Put the Finishing Touches on Your Style

OK, so you’ve got clothes that are to die for, the best jewelry, the perfect purse, and shoes that make you feel like a model.  But before you head out the door, you’ve got to put a few “finishing touches” on your style.  To do it — without spending a fortune — just follow these 3 tips:

1.     Opt for wholesale women perfume
Have you seen what perfume retailers are charging these days?  A couple of ounces can cost you an entire day’s pay!  Luckily, you can smell great — and still have money left in your pocket — by taking advantage of <a href=”http://www.apparelshowroom.com/Perfume_and_Cologne_s/113.htm”>wholesale  women’s perfume</a>.
After all, there’s no label attached to your perfume.  You either smell great, or you don’t.  As long as you love the scent, there’s no reason to spend an arm and a leg on it.  That’s why <strong>wholesale women  perfume</strong> is so great — it makes you smell like a million bucks, without making you spend that much.  In fact, odds are no one will be able to tell the difference between that pricey scent at the mall and your wholesale women’s perfume!

2.     Don’t forget about the men’s scents
Luckily, wholesale fragrances aren’t just for the ladies.  If you’re a guy who wants to smell your best on that big date, tap into the power of <a href=”http://www.apparelshowroom.com/category_s/157.htm”>wholesale  men cologne</a>.  Like the ladies’ fragrances, it smells just as elegant as the more expensive stuff — but only costs a fraction of the price.

In fact, lots of the wholesale men cologne out there is modeled after pricier retail brands.  Consider it to be like getting the “generic” version, instead of the brand name.  The bottles even look the same at first glance, so no one will ever know you’ve got something that isn’t a big brand name.
As a result, you can take all of the money you saved on your wholesale men cologne and use it to sweep your date off her feet!

3.     Accentuate your best features with wholesale cosmetics
Hate the thought of spending a fortune for makeup — but would rather be caught dead that going out bare-faced in public?  You can get everything from lip liner to nail polish from a wholesale website.  And, because you’ll be spending so much less on <strong>wholesale cosmetics</strong>, you can afford to get nail polish in every color you want or lipstick in every shade under the sun.  That way, you can match your makeup to any outfit in your closet!

<a href=”http://www.apparelshowroom.com/”>Apparel Showroom</a>  has everything you need to look your best — and to keep your wallet feeling its best!

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