3 Unique Purses You Cant Afford to be Without

Ask any girl, and she will tell you that accessories can make or break an outfit. That’s why unique purses are so important; they give you a chance to show off a little personality, without being “overdone”.

If you want to have a collection of handbags that will go with any outfit in your closet, you need these 3 unique purses:

1.A sequins evening bag

How can you possibly expect to be the “Belle of the Ball” without some bling? A sequins evening bag is the perfect complement to all sorts of formal attire – from your basic black cocktail dress to your super-slinky evening gown. In fact, having a good sequins evening bag on hand can even save you money, because you won’t have to go all-out with fancy jewelry!

Your best bet is to find a sequins evening bag that’s a clutch. That way, you won’t wind up with too much sparkle. Instead, you will have just a small touch of pizzazz that makes you look elegant – yet also helps you stand out.

2.Rhinestone handbags

If your event isn’t quite so formal, you can add some flair to your outfit with rhinestone handbags. In fact, rhinestone handbags are the perfect accessory when a sequins evening bag would be a little over the top.

These unique purses will add a touch of sparkle to your business suit or even your favorite pair of skinny jeans. You can feel comfortable taking one of your rhinestone handbags out on a date, out to girls’ night, or even out to the grocery store if you want!

Plus, by having a variety of rhinestone handbags, you can pick just how flashy you want to be. Some of these purses have rhinestones all over that will give you a sparkle-filled look – while others just have a few carefully-placed rhinestones that offer just a hint of sparkle.

3. Discount leather handbags

Looking for the perfect purse to take to your weekend barbecue or on a day of shopping? Discount leather handbags are the perfect solution! Because they’re made out of leather, they are durable enough to handle practically anything that comes their way. However, they don’t come with the high price tag that most leather handbags come with, so you won’t have to be paranoid about dribbling barbecue sauce on them or putting them on the floor of a changing room.

As an added benefit, discount leather handbags are usually so cheap that you can afford to get a few for the price of a more expensive one. That way, you can wind up with leather purses in a variety of different colors!

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