3 Unique Purses to Show Off Your Style

A legitimate outfit is more than just the right pants and shirt. In order to look truly “put together”, you need to pay attention to the details. One of the most important details is the purse you carry.Grab the wrong one, and your outfit can look all wrong.

But does that mean you’re limited to traditional, basic purses?

Absolutely not! In fact, unique purses can be a great way to show off your style. If you’re looking for some “fashion inspiration” for your next big event, try taking advantage of these 3 unique purses:

1. Discount leather handbags

Nothing lasts the test of time style-wise quite like leather does. After all, leather has been a huge part of fashion for decades, and you can count on it staying that way for decades more. By having a collection of discount leather handbags in your closet, you’ll always have a purse on-hand that’s completely in style. And, by finding them at low prices, you can afford to get discount leather handbags in every color, shape, and size! That way, you’ll be able to carry something classy to your next barbecue, cocktail party, date, or business meeting.

2. A sequins handbag

Sequins can be tricky; wear too many of them, and you’ll look like a disco ball! That’s why the best way to incorporate sequins into your ensemble is with a purse. A sequins handbag can give you the flash you want – without making you look tacky. Pick the right one, and your sequins handbag can even be a conversation-starter!

Typically, the smaller your sequins handbag is, the better. Plus, it’s also best left for more formal events. But as long as you pair it with the right outfit and the right occasion, your sequins handbag can be just what you need to tie your entire look together!

3. A Betty Boop handbag

Sometimes, the best way to look trendy is to carry a fashionista on your arm – literally! Betty Boop has long been known as a sultry, fabulous, glamorous character. Even though she’s just a cartoon, she’s quite the sex symbol!

Carrying a Betty Boop handbag to your next party shows that you’re fun, glamorous, and have a great sense of humor. If you don’t want to be completely out-shined by Betty, opt for a Betty Boop handbag in black or gray. But if you’re looking to stop traffic, grab a Betty Boop handbag that’s fire-engine red – and make as much of a statement as Betty herself does!

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