3 Types of Art Wear to Add to Your Jewelry Collection

Why buy traditional jewelry when you can invest in “art wear“? If you’ve never heard of art wear, it’s the term used to describe high-quality handcrafted artisan jewelry. Because it’s made so precisely – by true artists – there really is no better way to describe it!

So, which types of art wear are the best to incorporate into your jewelry collection?

You won’t be able to avoid making an impression when you wear these 3 pieces:

1. Handmade jewelry rings

It’s tough to find something that carries more significance than handmade jewelry rings. Their round shape is, in itself, significant – in many cases symbolizing a feeling or promise that has no beginning and no ending. Combine that with various carvings, stones, and materials, and you can make a very personal and unique statement right on your finger!

There are handmade jewelry rings to symbolize all sorts of things – from karma, to commitment, to unity. If you want, you can keep the meaning of this art wear all to yourself, or you can turn each ring into a conversation piece!

2. Wooden rings

This type of art wear is especially beloved by nature-lovers. That’s due in large part to the fact that good artisan jewelry retailers only have wooden rings that were made from reclaimed, spalted, or sustainably harvested wood – meaning that you’re not taking a toll on Mother Nature by wearing any of them. They also don’t require as much chemical processing as their shinier counterparts do.

Just like other handmade jewelry rings, wooden rings have their fair-share of symbolism. The wood itself can be used to symbolize strength, courage, protection, and durability. Because of that, wooden rings have even become a more popular choice for brides and grooms!

3. Handcrafted earrings

If you want to look like you’ve got a true work of art dangling from your earlobe, you can get it with handcrafted earrings. This type of art wear comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes – from small studs to long, dangling pieces. And, like other types of art wear, the shape, size, and color you pick will all have some sort of symbolic meaning behind it.

For example, rectangle drop handcrafted earrings are one of the sturdiest designs you can find – which is why they’re used to symbolize strength and confidence. Other handcrafted earrings have special tree carvings on them that are used to symbolize wisdom. Or, get a pair of handcrafted seaglass earrings, and you’ll never be far from the peace and serenity of the ocean!

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