3 Questions That Will Help You Find the Perfect Crystal Gift

With so many choices out there, finding the perfect crystal gift for your BFF can seem overwhelming. Before you get bogged down in choices, make your shopping a whole lot easier by answering these 3 questions:

1. “Does she want to wear or carry her crystal gift?”

Some girls are always looking to expand their handbag collection, while others can’t resist a good piece of jewelry. In order to find the perfect crystal gift, you’ll have to decide if the recipient would rather carry or wear her bling.

Just about any girl would love an Austrian crystal bracelet, but if your pal is a real handbag hound, she might be way more excited to get a sequins handbag that she can carry on her next night out. Remember, it’s the thought that counts — and thinking about your friend’s personal tastes will ensure that she gets the perfect gift!

2. “Does she like to make a bold fashion statement?”

The crystal gift you buy can be bold — with lots of big, bright bling. Or, it can be a little more understated — with fewer, smaller crystals that add just a little bit of sparkle. It all depends whether or not your friend likes being the center of attention.

If you know that she likes to make bold fashion statements, a bright sequins handbag may be the perfect gift. Or, if she prefers to shimmer on the sly, there are plenty of vintage handbags that use crystals to complement the overall design — without stealing the show.

3. “Is she formal or casual?”

Some girls feel way more glamorous in a great pair of jeans than a cute cocktail dress. If your friend is one of them, one of the bigger crystal vintage handbags might be a better gift choice. That way, she can load up her cell phone, her wallet, and her other day-to-day necessities and carry her bag everywhere she goes — from a casual cup of coffee to a friend’s afternoon barbecue. She’ll get way more use out of an everyday bag than she would out of a fancy clutch sequins handbag that’s designed solely for formal events.

The same logic can apply to jewelry. If your friend likes to wear a couple of key pieces of jewelry day in and day out, she might love a classic Austrian crystal bracelet. There are plenty of them that aren’t completely encrusted in crystals, so they’re perfect for everyday use!

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