3 As Seen on TV Products Your Family Needs

Your family will love taking advantage of these 3 products!

If your family gets a belly laugh out of some of the As Seen on TV commercials out there, you’re not alone. However, if you aren’t taking any of these products seriously, you’re really missing out. In fact, these 3 As Seen on TV products are a great addition to any family:

1. Solar powered lights
Whether you want an inviting entryway for guests, some light in the backyard that you can enjoy while you sip a glass of wine, or a well-lit driveway area for your teenage daughter to get dropped off by her date, solar powered lights can give it to you.
The best thing about these lights is that they’re easy to install. Since they’re completely powered by the sun, you don’t have to worry about stringing wires everywhere or finding a power source. Instead, you can simply pick where you want your solar powered lights to go and stick them in the ground!

2. Time Life Music
Want to get the entire family up and moving? Time Life Music can give you the perfect backdrop for a family dance party!
These music collections feature tons of great songs, all from the original artists — unlike other music collections that are chock full of cover bands and imposters. Thanks to Time Life Music, you can listen to all of your favorite songs (from any era or genre!).
As an added benefit, each Time Life Music set has been digitally re-mastered to give you the very best quality. That way, whether you’re listening to music from just a few years ago — or a few decades ago — everything will sound crystal clear. If you close your eyes, you might even think you’re at a concert!
No matter what your old favorites are, wouldn’t it be great to share them with your kids?

3. The Ove Glove
If you’re like most families, you love to sit down to a home-cooked meal. The Ove Glove can help!
Whether you’re roasting something, baking something, or grilling something, the Ove Glove will protect you from hot pans and cooking tools. Unlike regular potholders, the Ove Glove is specially-designed to withstand very hot temperatures. In fact, it’s made out of Kevlar — the same stuff firefighters’ uniforms are made out of!
And, as an added benefit, the Ove Glove really is a glove, so you’ll get to use each of your fingers. That’s a big step up from traditional pot holders, which are nothing more than a giant mitten!

The As Seen on TV Guys can sell you all of these products — and a whole lot more! Visit them today!

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