3 As Seen on TV Products You’ll Flip For

OK, so the commercials for As Seen on TV products tend to feature a little more hype than you see around other products. Luckily, though, these 3 As Seen on TV products are worth the hype:

1. The Ove Glove

Whether you’re grabbing a tray of cookies or a baked potato, you can’t shove your hand into the oven without the right protection. If you want to make sure you don’t get burned, check out the Ove Glove.

Unlike pot holders, the Ove Glove fits just like a glove — meaning it won’t slip and slide out of the way when you grab things. And, it’s made out of strong materials that can withstand a trip into the oven or some time over your barbecue. In fact, the Ove Glove’s outer layer is made out of Kevlar and Nomax — the same materials that are used to make firefighters’ uniforms!

2. Solar powered lights

If you love the look of a lit-up entryway or back yard — but hate the idea of stringing wires and paying more on your electric bills to get it — you’ll jump for joy over solar powered lights. Because they’re powered by the sun, all you have to do is stick them in the ground wherever you want them. Then, when it gets dark, you’ll have plenty of light!

You can even get accessories for your solar powered lights — like inflatable covers that look like Santa and snowmen. That way, you can setup your entire outdoor holiday décor in a matter of minutes!

3. Time Life Music

No party can be deemed a success without the right music. So, if you’re looking to give your guests a memorable experience — complete with all of their favorite tunes — tap into the power of Time Life Music.
Time Life has music collections in practically every genre, from oldies, to pop, to country, to R&B. And, because all of their music has been digitally re-mastered, you’re guaranteed a sound that’s crystal clear — no matter how old the hits may be!

Plus, when you buy a Time Life Music collection, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting hits from all of the original artists. Some music companies try to cut corners and sell the work of cover bands. Luckily, Time Life never does that! Instead, you’ll get all of the songs you love — sung by all of the artists you love.

The As Seen on TV Guys have all of these products — and thousands more to choose from! Check out their selection today.

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