3 As Seen On TV Products You Can’t Live Without

Not sure if As Seen On TV products are worth all of the hype? Wondering if these products are really worth spending your hard-earned money on?
Some As Seen On TV products might be a little ridiculous, but some of them are great buys that you can’t live without — like these 3:

1. The Chia Pet

Want to give your green thumb a workout — but don’t have room for a full garden? You can have your own small, self-contained “garden” with a Chia Pet!
You can get a Chia Pet in just about any shape and size. You’ll be able to pick from a puppy Chia Pet to one that looks like President Obama!
As an added benefit, a Chia Pet is sturdy enough to go inside or out. That way, it will work perfectly in any living environment.

2. The Bug Off Screen Door
Whether you’re trying to get some fresh air on a crisp autumn night or you’re hosting a pool party for all of your friends, there are times when having your sliding glass door open is an absolute must.
However, leaving your sliding glass door wide open can turn your home into a bug haven!
If you’re looking for something that gives you the best of both worlds, you’ll need the Bug Off Screen Door. Made from a screen material, the Bug Off Screen Door hangs to the frame of your doors and windows, and it has a giant slit down the middle so that you have plenty of room to walk through it.
But in order to keep the bugs out, the Bug Off Screen Door has little magnets in the middle — that keep the screen closed. If you need to walk through, it’s easy to pull the magnets apart. Then, they’ll close behind you. That way, you’ll get all of the fresh air you want — without letting a ton of critters in!

3. Time Life Music
Whether you’re searching for music for your high school reunion or you simply enjoy listening to music from days gone by, you won’t find a better collection than the one Time Life Music offers.
Time Life Music has CDs and videos that showcase music from all eras. And, because their selection is so big, you’ll be able to choose from virtually any genre you want.
No matter what you buy, you’ll be guaranteed a great listening experience. That’s because all of Time Life’s music has been digitally re-mastered so that it sounds as crisp and clear as a live show!

Looking to add other As Seen On TV products to your home? You won’t find a bigger collection than the one at www.asseenontvguys.com!

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