Your Top Artificial Grass Questions Answered

If you’re hesitant to install artificial grass in your own backyard, don’t be. You can put all of your concerns aside by reading the answers to these 3 common questions. Read on, and you’ll see why so many homeowners are trading in their natural grass for an artificial turf lawn!

1. “Does artificial grass look fake?”

This is probably the biggest question homeowners have before they swap out their real grass for the artificial stuff! The truth is, when you have an artificial turf lawn, it doesn’t look much different from the real thing.

If you’re thinking that artificial grass turf still looks like that neon green rug-like stuff from the 1970’s, think again. Science has made some major advancements over the years — including giving us artificial grass that looks and feels like its natural counterpart.

In fact, most people would probably be hard-pressed to tell that your yard isn’t real. You’ve probably driven right by yards full of artificial grass and never noticed it. That’s how life-like it looks!

2. “Is it safe to run around on?”

This is another misconception that can be traced back to the artificial grass turf of the 1970’s. Back in the day, you used to see athletes tearing up their knees, landing too hard, and getting rug burns on their skin. Today, all of that is a thing of the past.

In fact, your artificial turf lawn might actually be safer for you and your kids to run around on than natural grass! That’s because it doesn’t have the peaks and valleys that natural grass does. If you look carefully at your natural yard, you’ll see that it’s not perfectly flat — meaning it’s not hard for you to trip and fall if you’re running around. Instead, outdoor artificial turf is man-made — so it’s completely flat.

3. “How do I keep my artificial grass looking good?”

With everything that outdoor artificial turf gets exposed to, you might think that it would start to fade and look worn after a summer or two. However, today’s artificial grass is way tougher than that. In fact, it can last for decades!

So, what do you have to do to get the most out of it?
That’s the beauty of artificial grass. You don’t have to do anything to it!

Your artificial turf lawn will never need to be mowed, watered, or fertilized. Whether you’re in the middle of a frigid winter or a scorching summer, your artificial grass turf will always look green and lush!

The team at Artificial Turf Supply has been making homeowners happy for years. Give your lawn a new look at!

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