FAQs about artificial grass

Why should I choose artificial turf lawn?
The simple answer is maintenance. Once installed maintenance is minimal. No mowing, watering, edging or any other time consuming and costly maintenance. It looks great and safe for children to play.

What is it made of?

The fiber is mostly made of polyethylene monofilament and the infill is silica sand coated with antimicrobial acrylic. So, it is safe to walk on or play on it.

How is it installed?

The outdoor artificial turf lawn is placed on a base made of decomposed granite, road base or any other suitable and recommended material. The artificial grass is attached to base by driving galvanized nails into the base. All installers use same identical installation method.

Are all outdoor turf materials same?

Even though the fiber is made of same ingredients, other characters may change according to the manufacturer. Be it wholesale artificial turf or retail, the online vendor www.artificialturfsupply.com uses the highest quality materials in the world and has a wide selection according to your needs.

Can my children and dog play on it?

Yes, all of them can play on it. There are softer materials available for kids play. Remember the fill material is treated with antimicrobial coating and therefore, the surface is safe for anyone. If you have dogs and other pets, consider PetPro series from www.artificialturfsupply.com. Liquid will go through and you can pick up after your dog same way as grass.

How can artificial turf lawn save me money? How long will it last?

Besides the initial installation cost, it cost nothing to maintain. Most of it comes with years of product guarantees. Most comes with 10-year warranty and the expected life is between 20 to 30 years. Many come with UV protection solution too.

How much will it cost me?

The artificial turf prices vary according to the size and pricing. Getting a quote is easy as turning on your computer. Obtain several quotes from vendors including wholesale artificial turf vendors for material and installation and compare. The artificial turf prices shouldn’t be the only criteria for selecting a vendor.

Look into years of experience, service, and available products.
Is outdoor artificial turf stain resistant?
Any spill should be washed as quickly as possible to keep the turf looking at its best.
Do companies I hire be licensed Contractors?
Any work valued over $500 and installed by a contractor in California, the installer should have a valid California Contractor’s License. You can the license status of a contractor online.

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