Four myths you should know about air filters

Myth #1: Indoor air quality is not a problem at my home.
Fact: All homes have air quality issues, but the severity of the issue may be different from one home to another. A whopping 99 percent of your indoor air quality issues come from pollen, dust, mold, and pet dander. Fumes from paints, hairspray, and cooking contribute to indoor air quality. Plastic always contributes molecules into your indoor air quality. When you sneeze, germs get into your air and make others sick. So, dirty air is all around us but the intensity may be different. This is why you need to check your heater filters and air conditioner filter regularly.

Myth#2: Changing my filters is the only thing I need to do in my house.
Fact: It’s a good start but not the only thing you need to do. Proper air flow through your furnace and air conditioner should include equipment maintenance. Your blower should be inspected and lubricated to run properly. You should inspect the air conditioner for refrigerant level and thermocouples. If you are looking for filters consider filtrete from 3M.

Myth #3: Changing filters every month is just a waste of money.
Fact: The filter change frequency depends on several factors. Among them the type of filter you are using, how often you clean your home and the amount of pollen and other pollutants in your home are more critical in determining how often you have to change your heater filters and air conditioner filter. Most experts recommend a minimum efficiency rating value (MERV) of 9 or 10 rated filters to be used in a home to capture 1 to 3 micron particulate matter in the air your home. Even with those, you need to change your filter when it is showing accumulation and in any case at a minimum of every three months. You should inspect your filters once a month. A dirty filter can add more than 10 percent to your heating or air conditioning bill every month. You can find a variety of filters to suit your need at Your Filter Connection.

Myth #4: It is always better to use washable and reusable filters.
Fact: Not exactly. Not all washable filters wash away micro particles. These filters have an electrostatic charge that helps to capture micro particles. But some could go away with the time. One exception is filtrete. The electrostatic fibers in these are permanently charged which attract and retain micro particles that aggravate your respiratory system and cause allergies.
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