The Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is growing across America as a viable alternative to natural grass solutions. Homeowners use residential artificial grass to landscape their lawns and pool areas, while business owners use commercial-grade products to landscape their properties. Parks and schools are also thrilled about the product, using it as sports fields for soccer and football or safe surfaces for playgrounds. In fact, there are a number of ways you can use synthetic grass.

But why have so many people, businesses, and municipalities started using fake grass instead of the real deal? What’s so wrong with natural grass? There are many reasons why an artificial lawn or field is simply better than natural grass. The following is list of just some of the advantages of installing artificial grass.

Eco-friendly: If you’re concerned about the way we’re treating the environment, you will be pleased to know that synthetic grass is eco-friendly! It’s hard to believe that wholesale artificial turf is better for the environment than natural grass, but it is.

Artificial grass can be used as a water-wise landscaping solutions for homes and businesses across the country. Synthetic grass does not need to be watered, which means it is a great landscaping solution in desert areas and places often in drought. Another reason why synthetic grass is good for the environment is because it eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals often found in pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Finally, synthetic grass does not have to be mowed, which means you’re saving the environment from harmful lawnmower emissions.

Maintenance-free grass: No matter how much work you put into maintaining a lush lawn, there are times when the grass will fade or even die. However, an artificial lawn is designed to replicate lush, beautiful grass 365 days a year. Artificial grass does not need to be maintained on a regular basis the way natural grass does. When you purchase synthetic grass, you can say goodbye to mowing, watering, and weeding. In fact, synthetic grass will maintain its beautiful appearance for years to come without deteriorating from the natural elements.

Saves money: It’s true: artificial grass prices might seem steep at first. However, high-quality synthetic grass is a real investment, and most homeowners get to experience a return on the initial investment after only the first year of installing residential artificial grass. For example, a standard residential lawn can be installed for around $10,000, and comes with a 15-year guarantee. However, maintaining a natural lawn for 15 years can end up costing you more than twice that amount. To learn more, please visit

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