How to Purchase Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf grass is a very popular landscaping solution for homes and businesses across the country. It is also used as a safe and durable playing surface for sports fields, playgrounds, and parks. Why has it become so popular? The fake grass of today not only looks and performs just like natural grass, it’s also eco-friendly and nearly maintenance-free. In short, it saves homeowners and businesses a lot of precious time, money, and water.

However, there is more than one type of synthetic grass solution on the market, which means you will need to do some research before purchasing the product you need. Here are few simple steps you can follow to ensure that you buy the right fake turf product for your home, office, school, or municipality.

Determine your application: The first step is fairly easy. What do you need the synthetic grass for? Do you want to landscape your front yard or pool area? Do you want to create a soft playing area for your children? Or do you need a special type of synthetic grass designed specifically for sports? Most companies offer a wide variety of products to choose from, including artificial residential turf and commercial-grade grass. You can also find grass specifically designed for athletics, golf, playgrounds, and pets.

Estimate the size: Once you know the type of grass you need, you will need to estimate the size of the area. The good news is that most synthetic turf can be cut to any length. Artificial Turf Supply provides rolls that measure 15 feet in width and are available in any length. You can also purchase larger rolls, but make sure to have a forklift when the time comes to move the material.

Say yes or no to infill: Along with determining your application, you will also need to determine whether you need infill. Infill is the material placed between the blades of the grass to emulate the feeling of soil when walked on. There are several types of infill on the market.
Purchase acrylic coated sand infill if you’re using the grass for your pet, dog exercise runs, high traffic areas, small areas, backyard play structures, and commercial applications. Use a crumb rubber infill solution if you’re buying synthetic grass for athletic applications and commercial playground structures. However, you will not need infill if you’re using synthetic lawn turf for aesthetic reasons, balconies, decks, and steep hills or slopes.

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