Different Ways to Display Merchandise in Your Boutique

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Part of enticing your customers, if you are a boutique owner, is displaying your clothes and other merchandise in a uniform, unique fashion. What kinds of displays you use will show what kind of a store you are. It will show what your goals are and who you want to market to.

For example, a high end boutique might benefit from using pretty wire spiral clothing racks and velvet or wooden hangers, rather than standard economy store fixtures. However, department stores selling high volumes of clothing and other products would benefit from something like a basic 36 inch round rack bought in bulk. Using more expensive specialty racks and display cases would not be an economical choice for a store selling a huge quantity of products. Here are some products you could use to display your clothes.

Double Rolling Rack: Rolling racks are best used in instances where you need to quickly move your clothing all at once. One use for this might be to hang returns in customer service or in a dressing room. Instead of having to bring clothes back to the appropriate rack one by one, make your worker’s jobs more efficient by using a rolling rack. Rolling racks can reduce injuries on the job saving your workers and your money. Rolling racks are also useful for outdoor boutique settings at fairs and swap meets. They can safely and easily be loaded back onto trucks and to storage facilities when the day is over.

Display Showcases: Display showcases are a secure way to show valuable merchandise like jewelry and watches. Often times, you can’t rely on storefront employees to watch valuable items against shoplifting. Small trinkets like jewelry and watches can very easily be stored in pockets and purses without detection, leaving you with the bill. Using secure display cases are a much more secure way to display valuable items. Customers can look through the glass to decide what they want. Your employees can unlock the case and allow customers to try on and buy items with ease. Display cases can be either ordered premade or custom depending on your needs. They exist in rectangular formation or cleverly designed to fit in a corner. These cases can have glass tops and sides for maximum visibility of your merchandise.

Gridwalls: Gridwalls can either stand upright on their own or be fastened to the wall of your store. The benefits of using a gridwall in your store are that you can change the displays easily and efficiently. If you change the merchandise you sell often that vary in length or width, using stationary racks can cause you trouble when you need a different type of space. With a gridwall you simply take the hangers of the bar and place them in a different area. It’s that easy. Gridwalls can include attachable signage for pricing or naming of your products, or come connected to wheels for even greater mobility.

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