What Are You Getting in Return for Those Artificial Grass Prices?

If you simply look at the numbers, you’ll see that the price for a yard-full of artificial grass is more than a yard-full of sod or seed. But when you invest in a fake lawn, you’re getting a whole lot more out of it than you’ll ever get from that sod and seed.

In fact, your artificial grass prices come with these 4 things in return:

1. A maintenance-free yard

If you hate cutting your grass, turning on your sprinklers, and dealing with a garage full of yard tools, you’re not alone. But the only way to get rid of those hassles (aside from moving to an apartment without a yard, that is!) is to get artificial grass.

Your artificial grass cost is a one-time expense. Once you’ve gotten your fake lawn installed, you’ll never have to spend another dime on it. You’ll also end up with a lot more free time on your hands — and a ton of extra space in your garage!

2. Long-term savings

Your initial artificial grass cost might be higher than what you’d spend on sod or seed, but you’ll wind up saving a bunch of money in the end. After all, since your fake lawn never needs any maintenance, you’ll be able to dramatically cut down on your water bills. Remember, every time you water your lawn, you’re using hundreds of gallons of water. Imagine not having to pay for any of that anymore!

But you won’t just save on water. Since your synthetic turf grass doesn’t have to be mowed, you can avoid spending an arm and a leg on gas for your mower. Plus, you won’t have to buy any more lawn tools.

Or, if you keep turning your lawn maintenance over to professionals, you’ll be able to send them packing — and save a ton of money in the process!

3. A yard that looks and feels natural

Worried that your fake lawn is going to look cheap, tacky, and out-of-place? Don’t be! Today’s artificial grass is totally different from the neon rug-like turf of years gone by. Instead, today’s synthetic turf grass has been specially-designed to look and feel just like natural grass. In fact, most people will never notice that you’ve gone synthetic!

4. A great warranty

Even though the quality artificial grass is designed to look great for years and years, good manufacturers know you want some kind of safety net in exchange for your artificial grass cost. That’s why you’ll get a great warranty with your purchase — typically, one that lasts for about half the lifespan of the product. That way, if anything goes wrong in your yard, your investment will be protected.

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