The Best Pipe Welding – 3 Things Youll Need to Get It

Pipe welding is a common industrial process that makes it possible for heavy industrial materials to pass safely from one place to the next. Because you’re dealing with such important stuff, you can’t cut corners with your pipe welding. If you want to do the best job possible, you’ll need these 3 things:

1.A great pipe fabrication process

Pipe fabrication is a fancy way of saying that you’re making pipes. After all, you can’t weld anything together if you don’t have pipes in the first place!

The pipe fabrication that you use will determine the size and the diameter of the pipes that you get. Whether you are building an irrigation system or a fire protection system, you will need to start with a pipe fabrication process that is accurate. If every single dimension isn’t perfect, your welding project will never be a success.

2.High pressure fittings

Fittings are what set the design for your pipes. If you need your pipes to travel in a circle, in a straight line, or in a zig-zag, there are different fittings that you need.

But, as you might expect, pipe welding fittings get exposed to a lot. No matter what you have travelling through your pipes, you need high pressure fittings that won’t buckle under high speeds or heavy materials.

Without high pressure fittings, you won’t be able to count on your pipe system staying intact. Having the wrong fittings is a great way to spring a leak!

3.Sophisticated CNC machining equipment

Once your pipes are welded together, there is still more work to do. In fact, the very last part of the pipe welding process is something called “post weld heat treatment” – which uses heat to soften the metal pipes.

Typically, post weld heat treatment is done long after the initial pipe welding process. By making the metal softer, you can make sure that your pipes don’t become brittle and, thus, weaken their welded connection. Post weld heat treatment is a maintenance process – and a very important one, at that.

But the only way that you can do a post weld heat treatment is with sophisticated CNC machining equipment.

Short for “Computer Numerical Control”, CNC machining equipment uses computers to run all of the necessary equipment. Having CNC machining equipment is much more effective than having humans do the work because the computers never get tired! That way, you can get all of the maintenance you need done, faster.

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