How to install artificial grass?

Whether you call it artificial grass, synthetic grass, fake turf, fake lawn grass or SP turf, you need to follow certain steps when installing.

Prepare your surface

First you have to remove existing grass and vegetation from the area using a bobcat or with a shovel out by hand. Whatever method you use, the top two and one half inches to four and one half inches of top soil need to be removed. This depth is measured from the anticipated final grade of the installed turf. Spray area with a weed killer or any grass blocker solution to prevent any growth underneath synthetic grass. Secure the cleared area with a bender board or 2″ X 4″ wood along the perimeter of the area.If possible do these steps several days before installation of fake lawn grass. Next apply two to three inches of base material such as crushed aggregate, decomposed granite, road base, pea gravel or any other recommended base material. You can buy these from any of your home improvement stores or local rock yard. Once you level material over the area, your top of surface should only one half inches from the final surface height after synthetic grass installed. Make sure to level the base as possible using a roller or any other method. A slight slope is recommended in order to aid the drainage underneath the installed fake turf. Now you can install the weed barrier you bought from Artificial Turf Supply and stake it down. Now we are ready to install your fake turf.

Installation of new fake turf

Measure, cut the carpet using a carpet or box knife to the desired size, and lay down the turf on the prepared area. Make sure cut edges to fit seamlessly. Bind seams by spreading glue and weight it down until glue dry out.

Attach the fake turf to the base by driving six inch galvanized nails. Maintain one half to one inch from the edge and drive nails four to six inches apart. Trim excess edges and tuck in edges to create a finished look.

Finishing touches

Fluff the installed fake grass by a rake or a power broom to prepare carpet for infill. At this time needles should be up right. Spread one and one half of infill per square foot to weight down the carpet.

You can buy synthetic turf, infill and all other material from Artificial Turf Supply. The infill is coated with antimicrobial acrylic and makes a good play surface. Hose down the newly installed carpet to weight it down. Now you are ready to enjoy your new lawn.

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