Store Fixtures – What You Need for Customers to Get the Right Message

When you think of store fixtures, you probably think of organization. After all, clothing hangers can keep everything neat and tidy, while acrylic displays can show off little things. However, finding the right store fixtures goes way past organization.

Bottom line – if you want your customers to get the right message while they’re shopping in your store, you need the right fixtures. Here’s what some of the most common can do for you:

1. Clothing hangers

Hangers do so much more than just keep your clothes off the floor. They actually make it easier for your customers to shop!

Think about it – if you’re looking for a sweater in a particular size, would you rather dig through a pile of folded-up sweaters, or would you rather just slide a few hanging sweaters out of the way? And, as an added benefit, once you find the size you’re looking for, clothing hangers let you know what the garment is going to look like when you’re wearing it. You’ll get an idea of how it hangs, even before you head to the fitting room!

2. Acrylic displays

As great as clothing hangers are, they don’t work for everything. So, when you’re dealing with smaller stuff, acrylic displays can be perfect. After all, they give you a way to show off everything, without just throwing it all in a pile on your countertop. Plus, they’re clear, so they’re about as invisible as you can get – meaning that all of the attention will be on your products, instead of on your acrylic displays!

As an added benefit, acrylic displays come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find a perfect fit no matter what you’re selling!

3. An acrylic sign holder

Sometimes, being a store owner isn’t about touting the products you’ve currently got in stock. Sometimes, you just need to get a message out to your customers. An acrylic sign holder lets you do just that!

An acrylic sign holder can be used to convey any message – whether it’s the big clearance sale you’re having next week, the discounts you’re offering over in aisle 2, or the new product you’re going to unveil next month. And, since an acrylic sign holder is designed to be sturdy, you can feel free to put it in a high-traffic area – without worrying about it getting knocked over.

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