Store Fixtures — Just How Important Are They?

If you own a store, you’re not just being judged by your merchandise. In addition to great products, you’ve got to have great store fixtures. Otherwise, you’ll run into these 3 problems:

1. Your clothes won’t look right

Like it or not, the clothes hanger you use can determine whether or not a customer decides to try something on. After all, if the sweater, jacket, or tank top doesn’t even look right hanging on the rack, how can it possibly look good while you’re wearing it?!

That’s why you have to pay such careful attention to the clothes hanger you use for every garment you sell. Contrary to what you might think, they’re not all the same. For example, you’ll need a totally different clothes hanger for a heavy leather jacket than you do a light silk blouse. Or, you’ll need a different hanger for your spaghetti strap tops, compared to your long-sleeved shirts.

Remember, the better your clothes look on display, the more your customers will be inclined to believe that they’ll look good wearing them!

2. No one will be able to see what’s hanging on the wall

Wall-mounted Store fixtures can be a great way to free up floor space — especially if your store is on the small side to begin with. However, that doesn’t mean you hang any ol’ thing on the wall! When it comes time to hang certain products, you’ll have to choose wisely.


If you hang small products from wall-mounted store fixtures, you run the risk of people not being able to see them very well. And if people can’t get an up-close look at something, they’re probably not going to buy it.
Instead, you need to use those wall fixtures for the big stuff — the stuff that’s so big that it’s easy to check out from a distance. Otherwise, you could end up with a bunch of un-sold merchandise!

3. You’ll end up with wasted space

When it comes to display cases, most store owners don’t use them to their full potential. Oh sure, they fill them to the brim with jewelry and other great-looking products. However, in the process they overlook one very important thing — the top of the case!
The tops of your display cases are perfect for showing off more products. For example, you might have the more expensive jewelry locked inside the case, but you can put the cheaper stuff on top of it.

You can even use the tops of your display cases for marketing purposes. For example, by putting a small brochure holder that describes your newest product or service on top of your display case is a great way to make sure people see it!

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