Starting an Internet Café? Increase Your Chances of Success with Sweepstakes Machines

If you’re starting an internet café franchise, you know that you will have tons of competition to deal with. The key to making your business successful lies in your ability to make yourself stand apart from your competitors. A great way to do just that involves setting up sweepstakes machines for your customers to play with – and turning your café into an internet sweepstakes café!
What are sweepstakes machines?

They are computers that are designed to look like your favorite casino games like poker, Keno, or slot machines. However, unlike traditional casino games – where your odds of winning depend on your own personal skill level – sweepstakes machines are totally random. The winners are picked through random selection, meaning that your skill level (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with the outcome. Whether you’re a great poker player or a terrible one, a sweepstakes machine is pre-determined to have you win or lose.

But if you are lucky enough to win, you can get great prizes. A good internet café business might have prizes for free internet time or free phone time, or even a free snack or drink. That way, customers get to feel the thrill of winning, and their prize encourages them to come back to redeem it.

Starting an internet café that’s also an internet sweepstakes café sets you apart. You’ll be known as the café where people get to play games and try to win prizes. That thrill alone can be enough to convince people to pick your internet café business over the other ones in town.

Do people have to pay to play?


Here’s the beauty of an internet sweepstakes café – there’s no risk for people who play the games. You can reward people who buy certain products (like an hour’s worth of internet time or 30 minutes’ worth of phone time) with a turn on the sweepstakes machines. That way, if they lose, they haven’t lost anything.

But how do you turn your internet café franchise into a sweepstakes café?
Luckily, there are companies that can help you do it.

These professionals will help you determine which types of sweepstakes games will be the most popular in your specific café. From there, they can deliver your sweepstakes machines and even set them up for you.
All you have to do is get the word out – and wait for customers to be drawn to your sweepstakes games!

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