How Can Sweepstakes Software Help Your Business?

If you own an internet café, then you probably have a ton of competition to worry about.

So, how do you stand out ahead of the pack? Make better coffee? Offer better snacks? Try to find faster internet connections?

If you’re already doing everything that all of the “other guys” are doing, there’s only one thing you can do to stand head and shoulders above the rest – get your internet café some sweepstakes software!
What exactly does that mean?
People don’t just come to your café to use the internet and the phone; they come for an overall great experience. By throwing video sweepstakes machines into the mix, you are creating an atmosphere that the rest of your competitors are not.

Sweepstakes games are made out of computer software, but they’re designed to look like slot machines, poker games, and Keno machines. However, since a computer is calling all of the shots, there’s no skill involved. Winners and losers are selected at random.
So, what’s the point of playing, then?

The thrill!

Instead of using up their internet time and going home, your customers can get a free turn on the sweepstakes software every time they purchase a half hour of internet time or an hour’s worth of phone time. That way, they can finish up their work with a chance at winning a prize.

What kind of prize?

That’s up to you. Luckily, your internet café’s sweepstakes software doesn’t have to break the bank in order to hand out really cool prizes. In fact, you can use the prizes to your advantage!

How so?

Let’s say someone randomly wins one of your sweepstakes games, and the prize is a free half hour of internet time. To you, that prize doesn’t cost a whole lot (in fact, it probably doesn’t cost you anything!). But to the winner, it’s an incentive to come back to your café. Just like that, you’ve created repeat business!

See how that works?!

And, if you want to get the most out of your video sweepstakes machines, you can tailor them to your specific customers’ tastes. There are even sweepstakes software companies that will help you figure out what kind of games your particular customers will want to play. Then, they’ll help you get all of the machines installed!

Before you know it, people will be flocking to your internet café just to see what all the buzz is about over your sweepstakes software!

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