4 Ways Sweepstakes Terminals Can Boost Your Internet Café

If you think your internet café doesn’t need sweepstakes terminals,think again. By having video sweepstakes machines that use a computer to randomly select who wins and who loses, you’re giving customers a thrill that goes way beyond any of the other products and services you offer!

If you’re looking for a way to give your internet café franchise a boost, sweepstakes games can help you in these 4 ways:

1. They make you different

A big part of building a successful internet café franchise is to set yourself apart from your competitors. Having sweepstakes terminals on hand is a great way to do it!

After all, people can buy internet or phone time in any ol’ café — but if you become known as the café that lets people play on video sweesptakes machines when they’re done, you’ve instantly made a name for yourself!

2. They generate new business

By using sweepstakes terminals to set yourself apart, people will be more likely to remember your internet café franchise when they need to go online. As a result, you’ll have new people streaming in the doors all the time!
After all, people are going to want to “try their luck” and see if they can be a winner on your internet sweepstakes software, too. Plus, you’re offering people a little bit of fun that they can’t get anywhere else — and who’s going to turn down a chance at having fun?!

3. They encourage repeat business

You don’t have to give away giant prizes at your sweepstakes terminals. However, you should be looking to give away smart prizes.

What exactly is a “smart” prize?

By offering sweepstakes winners a free 30-minute session on the computer or a free cup of coffee — redeemable during their next visit — you’re encouraging them to come back. To you, the prize doesn’t break the bank. But to your winners, the prize gives them an incentive to choose you when they need more internet time.

4. They can give you word-of-mouth advertising

There isn’t much that’s more powerful than word-of-mouth referrals. In order to increase your odds of getting them, you need to offer video sweepstakes games.

After all, don’t you think customers will go out and tell their friends about the awesome game they got to play and the cool prize they won on your internet sweepstakes software? Offering an experience like that is going to lead to word-of-mouth advertising that’s way more powerful than anything you can buy!

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