How to start an internet sweepstakes café

The sweepstakes industry is becoming a very lucrative industry with many choosing to open a café for business. But before you open an internet sweepstakes café you need to keep in mind that this is still largely unregulated and you need to operate within the guidelines.

You should also be aware of the fact that not all sweepstakes cafes are a success. So with this background in mind what are the things that one should consider before starting a sweepstakes business?

Is it legal to operate a sweepstakes café in your area?
Before you start purchasing sweepstakes machines and internet café games find out if you can legally operate this business.

The best way to do this is to get the advice of a lawyer who is familiar with this field.
Select the location
Along with the type of games you have this will be one factor which will decide on the fate of your business.

You need to locate your café in a location where a lot of people gather and this should preferably be in an area where the residents are not so well to do as they will be the ones who will visit an internet café. Near a train station or near the local grocery store would be good locations.

The number of sweepstakes terminalsinternet sweepstakes games you have will be irrelevant if you fail to choose the right location.
The games
People will keep returning to your café only if you have internet café games that appeal to them. Therefore it is very important to have good sweepstakes software.

Deciding this will require some effort from your part where you will have to do some research on facts like how many internet cafes in your locality use particular software and which games are the most popular with people in different age groups.

You will find that software provided by Sweeps Coach tend to be more popular with all age groups. Visit to find out more about the software they provide.

Sweepstakes machines
You would need to purchase sweepstakes terminals and machines, but Sweeps Coach makes this easier for you as you can purchase them from them and they will even install them for you for free.

Attract customers to your café by placing visible signs on your café and handing out flyers and providing special deals for the first few weeks.

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