cSweepstakes Terminals — 3 Reasons to Have Them in Your Internet Café

Whether you’re starting a new internet café franchise or you’re looking to give your existing café a boost, sweepstakes terminals are a great way to do it. By having a variety of internet sweepstakes software, you give customers a few key extras — like fun and free prizes.

But why use video sweepstakes machines? Why not use some other promotional tool?

Unlike other promotions, your sweepstakes games will be able to do these 3 things:

1. Separate you from the competition

Part of running an internet café franchise means coming up with ways to stand ahead of your competitors. After all, there are tons of cafes that offer the same services as you do. If you want to make people choose you, you’re going to have to give them a good reason. Luckily, video sweepstakes machines can be that reason!

Think about it from a customer’s point of view — if you had to buy some internet time, would you rather head to the bare bones café, or would you rather go to the café where you can get a chance to win something? And, which one are you more likely to remember — the café with the basic phones and computers, or the internet café franchise that has all of the cool games?

2. Encourage new business

Once you establish how your café is different, more people will be willing to give you a shot. After all, by having sweepstakes terminals, you’re offering something that no one else is. On top of getting their internet time, your customers get to have some fun. That alone can make people decide to walk through the door!

3. Encourage repeat business

As nice as it is to get new customers coming through the doors, your bread and butter is going to come from the people who frequent your café on a regular basis.

That being the case, here’s the real beauty of internet sweepstakes software — the prizes it offers have to be redeemed next time! So, if someone wins a free hour of internet time in one of your sweepstakes terminals, they’ll have to come back to use it. Just like that, you’ve turned one-time customers into repeat business!

Remember, if you can get people to come into your internet café franchise more than once — and give them a good experience while they’re there — they’re less likely to spend their time searching for a new café. Instead, coming to your place becomes something they do out of habit.

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