Answering Your Questions About Internet Café Sweepstakes Software

If you handle it the right way, sweepstakes software can bring a major boost to your internet café. But before you start taking measurements and installing machines, you have to know how this stuff works — and what it can do for you.

Luckily, we’ve got the answers to 3 of the most common questions!

1. “What exactly is sweepstakes software?”
Sweepstakes software is fancy computer software that is designed to look like poker games, slot machines, Keno games, and the like. The difference is, the results are all randomly-generated by the software. Whether you win or lose has nothing to do with skill; it’s all luck! It may look like you’re “playing” a card, but the final outcome was pre-determined from the moment you walked up.

2. “How interactive is it?”
Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, video sweepstakes machines are incredibly lifelike. They have all of the sights and sounds to make you feel like you’re really playing a game, instead of pushing a few buttons on a glorified computer. Video sweepstakes machines will talk to you, play music, and flash all kinds of bright colors. As a result, you’ll get a completely interactive experience — so much so, that you’ll almost forget that you have no say in whether you win or lose!

3. “Why would sweepstakes machines make my internet café business more popular?”
When it comes to the internet café business, you have so much competition that you have to do anything you can to stand out. You can just get away with offering better coffee or cheaper internet time, though. You have to do something that’s really going to grab people’s attention.

Internet café sweepstakes software does just that!
By having sweepstakes software, you make yourself totally different from your competitors. You go from being an average café to offering a completely unique experience.

Customers will get to come in and have a great time.

Then, they’ll go tell their friends about it. Eventually, you’ll be known as the “cool” internet café business that has the “fun” games. You’ll get to take advantage of word of mouth advertising that the “other guys” would kill for!
And as an added benefit, you can use your internet café sweepstakes software to give out prizes that encourage people to come back — like a free cup of coffee or free internet time on the winner’s next visit. That way, people win a prize, and you win repeat business!

The team at Sweeps Coach can help you from start to finish. See how they can transform your business by visiting!

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