Starting an Internet Café? Don’t Forget the Sweepstakes Machines!

Starting an internet café — just like starting up any other business — means coming up with a way to be different. If you don’t offer something unique, you’ll never stand apart from your competitors. And, all of that “blending in” means having a bottom line that’s not nearly as high as you want it to be.

So, if you’re starting an internet café, how do you make yourself different?

By offering your customers internet café games! By getting into the sweepstakes business, you can encourage new people to come to your internet café and encourage old customers to come back!

How does it work?

Sweepstakes games are special computers that are designed to look like popular games — like poker, Keno, or slot machines. However, they don’t involve any type of gambling. Instead, the software in these internet café games is completely random. No one needs any type of skill to be a winner. Whether someone knows a lot or nothing about poker, for example, the sweepstakes machine will have a random, pre-determined outcome before the person even walks up to play.

When you’re in the internet café business, the best way to bring sweepstakes machines into the mix is to offer free turns on them in exchange for purchases. For example, someone who buys an hour’s worth of internet time can have a turn on the sweepstakes game of his choice.

So, what do the winners get?

Here’s the beauty of the sweepstakes business — the prizes are things that make people want to come back! For example, a winner might get a coupon for a free half hour of internet time or a free cup of coffee next time he visits your café.

Just like that, you’ve given your customers the thrill of trying to win something — and made sure that the winners are going to come back. After all, who’s going to turn down a freebie on their next visit?

Plus, these customers are going to tell their friends about how they won — or, at the very least, got to do something totally different. That word of mouth advertising will encourage new people to remember and eventually try out your internet café business.
Just like that, your internet café games have made you stand out from the “other guys” who only offer the same ol’ internet café services!

Don’t know how to start up a sweepstakes business?

No problem!

There are sweepstakes companies out there that will do everything from help you decide which games will be most popular in your café, to helping you install them properly. That way, getting into the sweepstakes business is easy!

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