Starting an Internet Café Business Make it a Sweepstakes Internet Café

The internet café business is chock full of competition. After all, it seems like every internet café franchise wants to be the next, big, go-to place that people love spending time in – and spending money in. So, how do you make your internet café stand out?

By turning it into a sweepstakes internet café!

Turning your ol’ run of the mill internet café business into a sweepstakes café isn’t very hard or expensive to do. And, the work you do now will create plenty of buzz about your business for a long time to come!
So, what exactly is a sweepstakes internet café?
It’s a new twist on an old idea.

Let’s face it – people love to win stuff. And, even if they don’t always win, they enjoy the thrill of playing games. By bringing sweepstakes games into your internet café business, you can tap into that thrill.

Here’s how it works:

At the typical internet café, customers pay you to access your high-speed internet connection or long-distance phone service. If you’re lucky, they might have a cup of coffee or a snack while they work. In order to make money in a business like this, you need a lot of people to come through the doors.

And that’s where the sweepstakes games come in!
At a sweepstakes internet café, you still rent out internet and phone time. Then, once people are done – to thank them for their purchase – you hand them a voucher for a free turn on the sweepstakes game of their choice. The games are really computers that are dressed-up to look like poker, slot machines, keno, and other fun stuff. However, there’s no skill needed to play a phone card sweepstakes machine.

Instead, winners and losers are randomly selected by the computer. People may get to “pull the slot lever” or “deal the cards”, but it’s all for show. The computer decides whether or not they’re a winner.

If someone wins playing a phone card sweepstakes machine, they win a small prize – like a free cup of coffee or some free phone time. That way, you don’t have to break your budget to come up with awesome prizes. Plus, the prizes encourage your customers to come back! It’s a win-win!
So, how do you create a sweepstakes internet café of your own?

Whether you have a new or old internet café business, there are sweepstakes companies out there that will help you pick out the best games for your target market and even help you install them! That way, you can focus on running your internet café franchise, while the sweepstakes experts handle the games!

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