Put It On Display Using Acrylic Holders

An acrylic sign holder has many more uses beyond the typical picture frame it’s so often seen as. This category of holder is more often than not seen widely throughout the commercial sector, but savvy home organizers know that its sturdy build and versatile design make it perfect for utilization in a wide gamut of endeavors around the house.

For instance, why risk ruining your iPad when you want to follow a recipe as you cook? Printing out the dish instructions and then tucking in the sheet (or sheets — remember, the holder’s double-sided) into the acrylic folds of the holder is the better option. As it’s patently evident, acrylic displays and holders make excellent tools for cookery. Who knew? These useful holders safeguard the instruments you really don’t want liquids to fall on, and also keep the blueprint for any day’s dinner safe from unavoidable spaghetti sauce splatterings. Just wipe away and the words are readable again — there’s no need to struggle with obscured or runny printer’s ink on an unshielded paper.

But most of all, acrylic displays, much like a garage’s slatwall, help you protect and better manage your valuables, be these certificates of merit or marriage, prized baseball cards, diplomas, or the more sterling output of your children’s artistic infatuations. A protector, a reading aid, and a decorative tool — that’s what you call versatility!

If so many functions can be found for these under one’s homey roof, imagine their multitudinous uses under a commercial one. In fact, slatwalls, acrylic displays, and even a bulletin sign holder are among the most common structural tchotchkes in stores and warehouses. As a buyer, it’s easy to appreciate the convenience that these utilitarian implements afford. The heavens know that they make it a whole lot easier to browse and hit upon the items hastily scribbled or typed on your shopping list.

Now, if you’re a seller, well, that means that these acrylic display objects are indispensible to you. They serve as tools for guiding your customers around your store’s carefully thought-out layout, in addition to highlighting and bringing to shoppers’ attention your sales and promotions. Acrylic displays, they’re useful in your home and in your business.

Sam Walters is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her writing appears in print and online.

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