Japanese Used Car Exporters – How to Tell If Yours is a Good One

There are plenty of Japanese used car exporters out there, but – like in any other industry – some are better than others. Here’s how you can tell if you’re dealing with a good one:

1. Yours comes with great references

When it comes to exporting Japanese used cars, even the best exporter can’t do all of the work alone. There will be other people involved in the process, and all of them can give you an idea of how your potential exporter does business. If you talk to your exporter’s banker or shipper and they have less-than-glowing things to say, find another company. Getting your Japanese car delivered – and delivered in a timely manner – is way too important to leave up to someone that’s just “so-so”.

2. Yours is willing to answer all of your questions before you sign on the dotted line

Chance are you don’t know a whole lot about how an exported Japanese used car sale works. That’s why a good exporter will be more than willing to explain exactly how the process works, before you commit to anything on paper. If it seems like your potential exporter is more concerned with selling Japanese used cars than he is with making sure he has comfortable and satisfied customers, find another one.

3. Yours has specific questions for you

The best way to export a Japanese car successfully is to be specific, right from the beginning. Your exporter will need to know exactly what you’re looking for in a car – from color, to model, to accessories. That’s why a good exporter will ask you specific questions throughout the process. That way, everyone is on the same page.

4. Yours won’t hesitate to personally inspect your Japanese used car before it ships out
A Japanese used car sale can turn into a giant headache if you wind up getting a car that’s not in as good of condition as you were expecting. Or, worse, you don’t want to wind up with a car that’s different from what you asked for – either on the inside or the outside! Since getting a Japanese car from an exporter is such a big deal, it needs to be done properly, right from the start.

That’s why agents at good Japanese used car exporters will have no problem going to take a look at the car before it’s sent off to you. That way, they can make sure that everything is perfect, before you go through a costly and time-consuming shipping process.

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